New to 4-H? - Before you register:

Call or email us so we can help you find the right club(s) for you / your child (morris4h@njaes.rutgers.edu, 973-285-8301). Before you register we recommend that you talk with the leaders and try the club at a meeting or club activity first. Have you looked at the list of clubs to see what they are all about and what age range they are for? Let us know which club you are interested in and we will be happy to connect you. 

Re-registration for 4-H Members:

Every year, starting around September 7, members re-enroll in 4-H Online. Go to v2.4honline.com, login with the email you used before and enroll in your club(s). Email or call the office with any questions.

Once you have tried the club and know you like it - you register with 4HOnline.

Registering with 4HOnline means that you

If you don't have a club yet or want to join an additional club, check out the 4-H Clubs page to see which club is good for your age range and what they are all about. Feel free to contact the 4-H office and we will connect you with the club leader(s) so they can give you more information and help you get started. 

When you are ready to register, go to v2.4honline.com or click on the button below:


Follow these instructions for a smoother registration process:

·        For returning 4-H members and volunteers

·        For NEW 4-H members and volunteers


The 4-H year starts in September and goes to the end of August the next year. Enrollment for a new 4-H year is available in early September. New members can enroll any time throughout the year - although some clubs accept new members only at the beginning of the year or at certain times. You should check with the 4-H club you are interested in first.

Parents - don't need to enroll themselves. Just create a family profile and register you child or children.

Adults who register + what role to select in 4HOnline:

If you are a 4-H parent with a family account, please use the same login and add yourself as a new member to the existing profile, otherwise create a new account.

NOTE: The screening and training information is not used in 4HOnline at this point. Please scroll past it and make sure you hit "submit" at the end. The office will let volunteers and leaders know who needs what training and when it is due.

Need assistance?  Contact the 4-H office at morris4h@njaes.rutgers.edu.  We will be happy to answer questions and help you through the registration process.

Want to Add / Change a Club?

You are already a 4-H member and enrolled in 4HOnline but now you want to add another club or make other changes - simply contact us at the 4-H office and we will be happy to do that for you.

How to Register for an event in 4-H Online

This is how you can register for an event that uses 4HOnline for it's registration process:

More details on how to register for an event in 4HOnline can be found here.