Lubrano 4-H Memorial Scholarship

Member Eligibility

The Lance Corporal Andrew W. Lubrano 4-H Memorial Scholarship is available to High School Seniors who have been involved in 4-H during their four years of high school. This award of $1,500 is intended to recognize an active, well rounded 4-H member. We encourage all who qualify to apply.

This scholarship was established in memory of Morris County 4-Her Andrew Lubrano who grew up in Randolph Township. Andy’s accidental death in 1991 at age 20 in the Marine Corps left friends and family with memories of his fun loving personality, his ease in making friends, and his love and respect for family.


  1. Senior in High School

  2. Current enrollment in Morris County 4-H Program and commitment to and involvement in the Morris County 4-H Program during four years of high school.

  3. A completed application and leader recommendation must be submitted to the scholarship committee by March 15 of the current year.


The following criteria shall be used to assess each candidate. Each of the criteria shall have equal weight. No one criteria shall outweigh another.

  1. The recipient shall exemplify the qualities stated in the 4-H pledge.

  2. The recipient shall exhibit a willingness to accept leadership responsibility without necessarily holding an office in a club.

  3. The recipient shall demonstrate personal growth as a result of their 4-H experience.

  4. The recipient shall participate in individual, club and county 4-H activities, exhibiting good sportsmanship, cooperative spirit and respect for others.

Please Note: 4-H project completion and project record keeping are not required.

How to apply:

Download the applications packet which includes all information and forms. Then fill out the application form, and ask your leader to write and submit a Leader's recommendation letter.

The application deadline is March 15.