Morris County 4-H Association

The Morris County 4-H Association is an incorporated non-profit organization of adult volunteers working together with the 4-H office to develop and provide leadership for the 4-H Program. Membership includes all Morris County 4-H Leaders and appointed 4-H volunteers (the Association Auxiliary includes all 4-H parents and interested persons). Some of our goals are the planning and conducting of county-wide programs and activities, fundraising to support 4-H programs, and supporting the efforts of all 4-H'ers in Morris County.  The Morris County 4-H Association is lead by the Board of Directors. Every year, some of the thirteen board positions are up for election. A term lasts 3 years and board members can be re-elected.

Thank you members of the 4-H Association and Board of Directors for dedicating your time and talent to Make the Best Better!

The Lance Corporal Andrew W. Lubrano 4-H Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Morris County 4-Her Andrew Lubrano.  The scholarship is available to High School Seniors who have been involved in 4-H during their four years of high school.  This award recognizes an active, well rounded 4-H member.  The application deadline is March 15th of each year. Go to the Lubrano 4-H Memorial Scholarship page for more details and how to apply.  

4-H Club Mini-Grants

Club Mini Grants from the Morris County 4-H Association are available to clubs throughout the year for creating club banners, club displays, or getting materials for meetings or other club activities. Club leaders can contact the 4-H office to learn more and get the form.

4-H Event Sponsorships

Event sponsorships are available throught the 4-H year. Contact the 4-H office to learn more or go to the Support 4-H page to donate now. Thank you! Upcoming Events can be found here.