Leaders' Page

Deadlines and opportunities:

The 4-H year goes from September 1 - August 31. Here are the major deadlines, information, and events throughout the year:

  • Set up for the new 4-H Year - August/September

What are your club's plans for the new 4-H Year?

  • When and where are you meeting?

  • Is the age range for your club still the same?

  • Do you accept new members?

  • Are there any changes in your team of leaders / co-leaders?

  • Do you have any questions or need help? Please contact the office if you do. Also, check the club list and let us know of any updates that are not in the questions above.

All youth members plus club leaders and board members need to (re-)enroll in 4HOnline. Here is the link to the instructions.

  • 4-H Record / Project Books and 4-H Scrapbooks - due September 1 (to leader, 9/15 to office)

4-H Record / Project and Scrapbooks can be worked on throughout the 4-H year (September-August). At the end of the year the completed book is handed in to the club leaders, by September 1st, who then get them to the office by September 15 for judging. They can be paper or electronic versions. To find the correct record books for your project - check here. Record books and/or 4-H Stories are a requirement to be a Morris County 4-H member in good standing,.

  • 4-H Stories - due September 15

The 4-H stories (as part of the record books or on their own) are a requirement to be a member in good standing and to receive the Personal Development Award, Achievements Award, and other higher 4-H awards. 4-H Stories are emailed to both, the club leader(s) and 4-H office (morris4h@njaes.rutgers.edu), at the end of the 4-H year - by September 15.
The stories don't have to be long - see word count requirements below. Added pictures will get you bonus points. The 4-H
Story should capture the member's 4-H experience or progress throughout the 4-H year.

The format of the story can be: handwritten, typed, spoken (audio), a video, online photo collection, website, social media story, etc.

Don't forget to include your name, age/grade, and clubs you are in.

Requirements for 4-H Stories:

  • Grades 9-13 - minimum 400 words

  • Grades 4-8 - minimum 200 words

  • Cloverbud - minimum 1 paragraph

Writing prompt ideas:

  • My 4-H friend and I were giggling - but I need to start at the beginning to tell you...

  • Looking at my awesome pet I am thinking "Wow, have you changed!" - and actually, so have I. At the beginning of the year...

  • I joined this new club last year and had no idea what to expect. One of the nice surprises were...

  • This past year I was able to really dive into [put your 4-H "project" here, e.g. knitting, photography, science, Minecraft, ...]

  • I / my family organized (participated in) this 4-H event/activity and here is how it went...

  • It was incredible to get this behind-the-scenes experience...

  • Even though I just started with 4-H I am looking forward to / I have this incredible idea...

  • Higher 4-H awards applications - due September 15

Application forms and information about awards like 4-H'er of the Year, National Leadership Award, including who is eligible, will be sent out to leaders as well as teens who can apply. Some applications are done by leaders or require a leader's recommendation letter.

  • Awards Nominations by club leaders - due September 25

The package for the awards nominations will be emailed to the main club leaders in August/September. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact the office. Awards details can be found on the Club Resources Page.

  • Club Elections - at the beginning of the 4-H year

Club officer elections are typically held at one of the first meetings of the 4-H year (September, October, or sometimes November). Positions are:

  • Club President

  • Vice president

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer (if you club has fundraisers, etc.)

  • Club Reporter / Club Photographer

  • ... other positions your club might want

Members running for an officer position can give a very short speech why they would be a good candidate. The positions are voted on from the "top down" (president first etc.) so that the person who didn't get to be president, can now run for VP if they like, and so on.

Elections can be held at the end of the club meeting so the "old" president is still runing the entire meeting and reports are made by the current officers.

Voting can be done at an in-person meeting by using a paper "ballot", by putting up your hand with your heads down, or virtual using google forms for example (see box at the bottom of the page).

  • New Leader Training - Fall and Spring

Please let the 4-H office know if you have suggestions for new club leaders.

  • Sign up to participate in promo events (open to clubs and families) - ongoing

4-H gets invited to local events to share who we are and what we have to offer to kids and adults. This is a great opportunity to promote your club as well and potentially get new members. Bringing sutable project animals or fun activities is always welcome. Here is the current list of local events 4-H is or can be part of. Contact Valerie at hipumpkins@gmail.com or the office to let her know what events you would like to participate in.

  • National 4-H Week - October 2-8, 2022

National 4-H week is the first full week in October and it is a way to highlight and promote 4-H locally on the club, community and county level. All clubs and members are encouraged to offer an activity or event that promotes their club and 4-H, dress in their 4-H gear, and talk to friends, neighbors, and extended family members about 4-H.

  • 4-H Window Display contest - during 4-H week, October 2-8, 2022

During National 4-H week, October 2-8, clubs and 4-H families are invited to have a 4-H display (club specific, Morris County, or general 4-H). This can be a poster or display in a window or at a table in a store, place of business, office or other area where people pass by and see it. Please check with the place first what they would like to display for you during that week. And don't forget to include the official 4-H clover, Morris County 4-H, the club's name, and contact information and/or a way for people to find out more about the club and Morris County 4-H in general (morris4h.org). Club banners can be part of the display if space allows.

If you would like to pick up a few 4-H squares (from past Fair signs), let us know.

Email the office where you will have your display so you will be entered in the contest. The winner(s) will be announced at the awards event in November.

  • Clover Campaign at Tractor Supply (Fall) - October 5-16

Clubs are invited to have a table and/or club display at Tractor Supply in Flanders during the paper clover campaign. The proceeds will benefit Morris County 4-H. Read more about the national partnership between 4-H and Tractor Supply here.

  • Holiday Card Contest - October 19

All members are invited to submit a design for the 4-H Winter Holiday Card Contest by October 19th. It can be any 2D art including photos that are easy to see and can be incorporated in a card. The cards will be send out to our Morris County 4-H community. Don't forget that it is for our winter holidays :-)

  • Awards Ceremony - November

Our 4-H members' accomplishments and achievements during the previous 4-H year are celebrated at our 4-H awards ceremony in November.

  • Checking club member lists in 4HOnline - ongoing

You as club leaders have access to your member lists (or club rosters) in 4HOnline. Please check regularly to make sure that all current members are enrolled and you have new members on your contact list. The way to do it is to go to http://v2.4honline.com , then

  • log into personal / family account (for that you need to be re-registered yourself)

  • click on the blue VIEW box next to your name

  • select CLUBS on the list that appears on the left

  • click on MANAGE next to the club you want to take a look at

  • enter the "PIN = Leader Login Code" for your club (see email we sent you or contact the office to receive your club password)

Now you have access to the member data from your club and can see new members that have registered (+ on the top right is also a DOWNLOAD ROSTER button)

  • 4-H clubs march in the Morristown St Patrick's Day Parade - March

All 4-H clubs, members, volunteers, and families are invited to march with the 4-H float in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Morristown in March. It's a great way to show off your club banner and club gear/t-shirts.

  • Lubrano Scholarship application - deadline: March 15

All active 4-H members currently in 12th grade who have been active for their entire high school career are eligible for this Morris County 4-H scholarship. Details and application forms are on the Lubrano Scholarship page.

  • Fair Theme Contest - deadline: March 15

All 4-H'ers are invited to submit a drawing and theme title for our Fair (as well as the Yearbook cover etc.) More details on the Fair page.

  • Club Reports - ongoing

What has your club been up to? We are always looking for club reports and photos for our Discoveries page.

  • Club flyer / club yearbook page - for those who don't have one yet

We would love to have eye-catching flyers for all clubs to be put on the website. Take a look at the examples on our Clubs Page. The flyers will also be used as the club's yearbook page. Let us know if you would like help. Canva is a great and easy-to-use tool: canva.com. All you need is the free account. Thanks for the presentation Megan!

  • Would you like a Club Video?

Along with your club pages we would love to feature videos explaining what our clubs are all about. If your club is interested in creating such a club video and would like help editing and finishing it, then please send us your "raw material" (photos, videos, interviews, audio, text, drawings, ...) and a team of 4-H'ers will help you put it together. High resolution pictures and good quality video and audio is of course best for a beautiful outcome.

  • All members are in 4-H Online - ongoing

Check 4-H Online every now and then and make sure all members are enrolled. If you need your leader login code, contact the office. If you prefer an email with the member list please ask. Knowing that all members are enrolled makes the job of the office so much easier and ensures that all members get important 4-H communication. - Thank you!!!

The office will inform leaders when new members enroll for their club.

  • Clover Campaign at Tractor Supply (Spring) - April/May

Clubs are invited to have a table and/or club display at Tractor Supply in Flanders during the paper clover campaign. The proceeds will benefit Morris County 4-H. Read more about the national partnership between 4-H and Tractor Supply here.

  • Deadline to enter in the Fair - June 30

All 4-H clubs, members, Morris County residents (including adults) are invited to exhibit at the Fair. From club banners and displays, animals, art, science projects, and writing to food, horticulture, and more - there is something for everyone. Find more information on the Fair Entry page

  • Helping at the Fair - calling all 4-H families! -

Having the 4-H Fair means "All Hands on Deck". *Please have all club families sign up for the Fair setup, Fair shifts, as well as clean up. THANK YOU!

Links and other useful tips:

  • Canva.com
    Great too to create flyers, presentations and more. Free account is all you need. - Thanks to Megan for the suggestion.

  • kahoot.it
    Fun online tool for quiz bowls, game nights, or just for fun at the club meetings (to engage members, learn and have a great time together). - Thanks Nancy for being our kahoot expert!

  • blooket.com
    This game or quiz tool is similar to kahoot but includes different ways to play which can make it even more fun, especially for the kids. No account needed to play. Many games and quizes available, or set up your own. - Thanks Megan for the presentation!

  • Voting / Club Elections
    google forms is useful for voting like club elections. Create a form, share the link and collect the results. (Best to have one form per position - just copy, paste, and change the name of the position). Vote from the highest position down.

  • Club Websites and email lists
    Clubs have created a google account with member contact lists for easy group emails. Google sites is a good way to have a club website too. Shutterfly.com is another easy way to communicate with members, share pictures or documents, etc. (pages can be private or public). Contact the office for help with what official 4-H logo, pictures, motto, etc. to use for public website pages.