4-H Art Challenge

Morris County 4-H invited its members and the public to participate in fun art challenges throughout the month of July.

See below for the highlights and winners.

The winners are:

Grades 4-8

Maria Alfano with Superhero

Grades 9-13

Amelia Alfano with Ladybugs


Karlene with Nature Print

Cloverbuds (grades K-3)

See all Cloverbud entries in the weekly displays below.

Week 4 - Favorites

"Looking into the Future"

  • Level 1 - Outer space!

  • Level 2. Lets save the environment.

  • Level 3. Here is to the future.

Week 4.pptx

Week 3 - Favorites

"Exploring the Web of Life (animals)"

  • Level 1 - We are ONE!

  • Level 2. How do we connect

  • Level 3. Everything is connected.

week 3.pptx

Week 2 - Favorites

"Summer Fun in 2021"

  • Level 1 - My first collage!

  • Level 2 - Use your photos and other materials

  • Level 3 - Compose with your own photos, drawings and images

week 2.pptx

Week 1 - Favorites

"Ready, Set, Grow"

  • Level 1. Nature Mandalas

  • Level 2. Print nature

  • Level 3. Nature sculpture

Week 1.pptx

Clover Challenge

Design your Clover

  • Level 1 - Clover Power!

  • Level 2 - Mighty YOU!

  • Level 3 - Take on the world, one clover at a time!

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*By entering our July contests (e.g. art and photo challenges) or attending our online or in-person events you agree to adhere to the 4-H Code of Conduct and allow 4-H to highlight and share challenge entries and photos of the events on the website and other media. Only first name and last initials will be used to identify the artists or participants.