*Open to current Morris County 4-H members*

Joshua with his hamster

Mic's dog Kevin

Alexis with Koda

Sophia with Elphy

Mary with Fidget

What fun!

On Friday, July 16, 4-H hosted its Dress-a-Pet / Dress-a-Cage event at High View Farms. Thanks to the many costumed and decorated attendees for making it a success! And a special Thank-you to the crew and helpers who organized this: Ava R. of Teen Council and Buckanears, and leaders Rosanne O. and Cindy K.!

Here are the results:

  • Most Gentlemanly: Alexis Machinshok and Koda

  • Best Dreamer: Joshua Mitteer and his hamster (who dreams of being a bunny! 😹)

  • Best Princess: Gwen Wacha-Diaz and Trudy

  • Best Dancer: Mary Demetris and Fidget

  • Most Athletic: Sophia Kissling and Elphy

  • Best Superhero: Katie Paige and Gracie

  • Best Vehicle: Mic McWilliams and Kevin

  • Best Loving Mom: Tim McWilliams and Lexie

  • Best Seer of Oceans: Kate Hennessy and Tonks

  • Best Dress a Cage: Sophia Kissling and Elphy

  • Judge’s pick: Gwen Wacha-Diaz and Trudy

Congratulations to the creative winners!