Thank you for joining the Shutterbugs 4-H photography club and nature photographer Dave Blinder on a morning photo walk through the Great Swamp.

We had a great turnout - 24 people - on Monday, July 12, at 9am at the Great Swamp Wildlife Observation Center.

We had everyone from brand new little photographers to more seasoned ones. Dave challenged the group to look for suitable photos to create a triptych (see below) and showed us an example of three nature photos that had a similar theme to be hung side by side.

The actual walk started off with a great excitement: a barred owl on a branch very close to the path. During the 2+ hour walk we also encountered a number of frogs and bugs, a bald eagle a little ways away, a water snake, and a few other creatures. The frog and bird concert that accompanied the show was fantastic!

Maybe we will see some of the photos from the walk in our weekly Photography Challenge.

Photography Topic: Triptych

Our guide, Dave Blinder, would like to challenge participants to create a nature-themed triptych from the photos they take at the Great Swamp.

A triptych (pronounced Trip'tik), when applied to photography, is a group of three pictures - mounted in one frame, displayed close together, or three pictures in one image. Triptych photography could be one photo split into three parts or using three related pictures.

Here are some triptych ideas and examples.

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