History Scavenger Hunt

Ready, Set, Grow in your knowledge of Morris County history!

Gather your wits, maps, cameras, or start your search engines and, based on these clues, guess the correct historical location in Morris County!

This will continue to be available. All ages are welcome. Send your answers to the 4-H office at morris4h@njaes.rutgers.edu. Include a photo and/or a fact you learned from visiting the site for more points! And don't forget to add your name, grade (or adult), 4-H club (if applies), and the town you live in.

The winner of the July History Scavenger Hunt is:

Sophia Kissling, of the 4-H Shutterbugs club


2021 4-H History Scavenger Hunt Clues:

  1. Called Whippany Farm when privately owned, this property is truly a gem!
    Now it is named for the family which gave it to honor and recognize them.

  2. This 18th century farmhouse is famous for a romance;
    Because of Alexander and Betsy who on love took a chance!

  3. Following a Raritan River branch to its source is an idea that's nifty;
    If you do, you'll come to Mt. Olive Township, which just turned one hundred and fifty!

  4. This first cemetery in Morris County is on property donated in 1718 long ago,
    By a man named John Richards, the first person to be buried there...did you know?

  5. Find a place of commerce between a rock and a way;
    You'll discover the place that once hosted the 4-H fair... but we didn't stay!

  6. The original owner of this house helped build the Morris Canal once next door,
    Now you'll see no boats carrying coal, but right nearby is the King's General Store!

  7. George Washington once rode his horse across the street from this place,
    Where from December 1779 to June 1780 he set up headquarters space!

  8. Gustav Stickley had a school and his students made furniture in this spot;
    The style is still popular and those on the mission spend a lot!

  9. This is where Samuel Morse perfected the telegraph in 1838;
    Can you imagine where we'd be without it with our reliance on computers of late?

  10. Say 4-H to many folks and they think of this place with fields and activities of yore;
    But when they check us out, they find today's clubs have varied interests and skills galore!

  11. Find a place with a symbol of luck and Native American name to start;
    Then think back to 1970 when at the Morris County Fair, 4-H was just a part!

  12. Dogs are (hu)man's best friend they say and our County seat knows it's true;
    In '42 4-H began work with this group and over decades love for Buddy grew!

  13. Housed outside this stately place are oak trees that drop what on the floor?
    Inside find Morris County historical artifacts like period furniture, art, clothing, and more!


George Washington still rides his horse across the street from the answer to Clue #7

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