4-H E-Sports Event 2021

Pictures from the event

The Tournament on Sunday, July 25, was our first annual E-Sports Event hosted by Morris County 4-H. It was a hit - and 4 hours of intense entertainment!!!

Players age 10-18 were invited to compete in Rocket League.

Six teams of players faced each other in this car-soccer game in single-game and best-of-3 rounds to determine 

The winning team:  "Of Mice and Men" 

with DarkGalaxy and pieguy. 


There was a lot of excitement and joking, even through some technical difficulties. The entertainment value was super high, with a steady commentary, player interviews, and even guest commentators.

Thank you to all who participated!

A special thanks goes to 4-H Teen Council member Rohan P., who had the idea, stuck with it through obstacles, and organized it all. During the event he multitasked calmly and confidently through various technical and other hick-ups as well as player discussions - all while also managing the live stream on Twitch and commentating on the games in a fun and entertaining way!  He is the true winner of the event. 

If you missed it you can watch the live stream on our 4-H Twitch channel

Rohan is interested in possibly organizing more tournaments - so stay tuned.

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