Closing Ceremonies - Highlights and Results

Congratulations! + Thank you!

This page is showing the highlights of the events that Morris County 4-H put together in July 2021. We are thanking all 4-H volunteers who organized these activities as well as all participants for supporting 4-H. See the winners announced below and more details on the event pages.


Our geocaches were found by many participants of various ages. See the winners section below. And check the Geocaching Challenge page for more details and pictures.

If you have not gotten a chance to visit all locations - don't worry. This will be available year round. See below for the winner.

We got some stunning entries! Please see the page for highlights for each challenge. Winners in section below.

This was an international affair with photos literally from around the world! Check out the weekly highlights on the photo challenge page and see winners below.

If you were one of the Minecraft Astronauts, you know how much fun it was! If you couldn't make it - you can follow the link above to the recording of the live stream on the YouTube channel.

Barred Owl, lots of frogs, bald eagle in the distance, ... check out the page for this event + the report.

About 50 human participants and many many bats. Check out the page for pictures and more.

Refreshing Strawberry lemonade and popsicles - go to the page for the recipes.


Grades 4-8

  • Maria Alfano with Superhero

Grades 9-13

  • Amelia Alfano with Ladybugs


  • Karlene with Nature Print

Cloverbuds (grades K-3)

See all Cloverbud entries on the Art Challenge page.

*** Click on the images to see it in full size ***

Grades 4-8

  • Mya McConoughey with "Moon" and "Strawberries"

  • Samantha Jelley with "Silly Sirius" and "Workaholic Frog"

Grades 9-13

  • Leah Armstrong with "Pink Sky"

Grades K-3

  • Zoli George Piedl with "Swallowtail"

*** Click on an image to see it in full size ***

The winner is: Sophia Kissling, of Shutterbugs and Buckanears

Small Animals

  • 1st Place - Danielle Doherty

  • 2nd Place - Alexis Machinshok

  • 3rd Place - David Doherty

Dog Quiz Bowl

Grades 9 & up:

  • 1st place: Eva Gianella

Grades 4-8:

  • 1st place: Karcsi George Piedl

  • 2nd place: Samantha and Stratton Jelley

NJ Quiz Bowl

Round One: 1st - Rohan, 2nd - Kelly, 3rd - Aniket

Round Two: 1st - Kelly, 2nd - Rohan, 3rd - Adam

Round Three: 1st - Rohan, 2nd - Kelly, 3rd - Aniket

  • Most Gentlemanly: Alexis Machinshok and Koda

  • Best Dreamer: Joshua Mitteer and his hamster ( who dreams of being a bunny! 😹)

  • Best Princess: Gwen Wacha-Diaz and Trudy

  • Best Dancer: Mary Demetris and Fidget

  • Most Athletic: Sophia Kissling and Elphy

  • Best Superhero: Katie Paige and Gracie

  • Best Vehicle: Mic McWilliams and Kevin

  • Best Loving Mom: Tim McWilliams and Lexie

  • Best Seer of Oceans: Kate Hennessy and Tonks

  • Best Dress a Cage: Sophia Kissling and Elphy

  • Judge’s pick: Gwen Wacha-Diaz and Trudy

The winning team: "Of Mice and Men"

with players

  • DarkGalaxy77 and

  • pieguy26

  • Players with most finds:

      1. Jessic417 - found almost all 8
        Was close to find the last one, but couldn’t for reasons out of her control

      2. Harry Dolphin

      3. 1CavyQueen

  • Cache with most finds: "Thanks"
    Hidden at the Chester ShopRite parking lot to thank them and others who have supported our fair in the past through donations

  • Most difficult to find: Minecraft Club’s "Do you Mine?"

  • Best guarded geocache: "STEAM Punks"
    See deer picture. There was also a buck that actually started to charge David and Celia!

  • Most picturesque cache: "Buckanears" (see pictures)

  • Best collaboration Geocache: "Knit Wits"
    This involved club leaders, library staff and town officials to approve the hide.

  • Most Booby-trapped Geocache: Teen Council’s "Nuts about 4H"
    Multiple large ground hog holes near hide

A Thank-you to our Sponsors:

Peapack-Gladstone Bank

A longtime 4-H supporter, the Peapack-Gladstone Bank, have been a Fair sponsor in the past and are helping us again this year! Thank you for being our Awards Sponsor in 2021!


A second year 4-H supporter, MCProHosting is providing the Minecraft server space for the 4-H Minecraft Club and all the events they offer! Thank you for being an Event Sponsor in 2021!

The July Minecraft event was "Mission to Minecraft Mars".

MCProHosting is also offering a 4-H member discount to host your own Minecraft server. (Use "4-H" at checkout for 20% off any server hosting plan.)